Lunes, Mayo 14, 2012

Top 5 things to consider in choosing the best computer for you.

Choosing on what will be the best computer for you is like buying a house. A lot of things should be taken in consideration just like, how it will demand in my needs? Where will I use it? How much does it cost?  Now a days, a lot of computers are greatly used by people in business, education and personally. The big demand for computers greatly influences computer manufacturers to offer wide ranges of computer products and services. And for you to be able to know the best computer that will suit your needs, you need to know this.

  1. The first thing to consider and the most important is your budget. Make sure that the allotted budget for the computer doesn’t make your housing and food greatly be affected. And of course buying computer adds into the electric consumption and will have an effect in the usual electric bill you have. So, look for a computer that you can afford.  

2. Choosing between Laptop and Desktop. Secondly, you should decide on what computer to buy, laptop or desktop? It will be easier for you to shop if you know what type of computer you are looking for. If you will be using it at home you should prefer to have a desktop. There are small form factor computers, all-in-ones and mid towers. If you want a portable one that you can use in your business trips, traveling or in school, laptop is the best choice. Laptops has different types such as ultra-portables, thin-and-light, mainstream and desktop replacements and the netbooks.

3.  Now that you decided on what type of computer you will have, you need to know the computer itself. If you are new to this you need some research about certain features of a computer. You need to know what operating system you will prefer to install in your computer. Windows is the most common and industry standard system used by many. It has different applications that makes it more attracting and loved by computer shoppers. There are applications which Windows can only operate like the uTorrent (filesharing of movies, TV shows, etc. ) but what is terrifying are the viruses, malwares and spywares that can attack your computer. Also, there is Linux which is free and quick but it is so difficult to use especially for those who are new in computers but if you are adventurous and tech addict maybe you’ll like it. And of course, there is the Mac OSX which provides applications for apple computers and offers creative tasks such as photo/video editing and music creation and it is less in viruses and spyware.

4. The specs and features of the computer is also a big consideration. When choosing a processor, you need to include Intel and AMD. For me, it’s better to have an Intel processor for it is faster and efficient meaning more battery life and fewer freeze-ups. Any Core 2 Duo will do -- and aim for the 2-gigahertz (GHz) and higher models if you plan to do any gaming. If the computer you like only offers AMD processors, then go with AMD's top-of-the-line Phenom X4 or Turion 64 X2 mobile processor in a notebook.
When it comes to optical drives, a DVD +/- writer is the standard, and is good enough in most instances since it'll handle the most common disc formats. If you plan to watch HD movies, look for a Blu-ray drive -- it's pricey but worth it if you're a high-def movie buff. Be warned, though, that many ultra-portables, such as the Mac Book Air and the Lenovo X200 shed an optical drive to save size and weight, which means an external drive will be needed to watch DVDs, rip and burn CDs, or, in most cases, install software from a CD or DVD.

5. Lastly is the hardware and software extras How will you connect to the internet, flask drives, CD-ROM, WAN, monitors and other peripherals?You should also consider if you definitely need an internet. You should also know how to have this and also the use of printers in printing documents and photos. If you intend to print lots of paper, prefer to look for a laser printer for faster printing pr ocess. Make sure that it matches your computer's features. For ports, make sure your computer has at least 2 USB ports, but the more the merrier.Keyboards and mouse sometimes comes together with the monitor and CPU. For software, you need to have an anti-virus. You can buy anti-virus in the internet or in any computer stores or if you have not allotd a budget for it you can download a free software at the internet just like the AVAST. Microsoft office is also an important software to have. If you are the type that always do excel and word processing you'll definitely have it.

So, their you go. Those were the things you should know when planning to buy a computer. Make sure that your budget fits to the style and features of the computer you want to have. You can also add your creativity in your computer. You can buy some accessories that fits to your personality like you can have laptop skins, keyboard stickers, personalized mouse, etc., i will discuss it next time as you visit my site. Of course, after buying your dreamed computer keep it updated and clean it. Remember, the life of a computer depends on how you value it


Linggo, Mayo 13, 2012

Why am I passionate about technology?

                It is generally recognized, that the fast evolving of technology greatly influenced the lives of people. For that, I opened my doors in knowing and adapting these trends in information technology. My curiosity leads me in choosing a career in discovering and at the same time enjoying technologies.
Passion is something that someone is interested at something or someone. For me, I have this passion in techworld. I like discovering how human minds created these helpful and revolutionary technologies that truly give satisfaction and entertainment to people. As an information technology graduate, I’ve known how this discoveries and inventions created by experts like programmers, web developers, application developers. Those were the people behind the famous gadgets we have like cellular phones, ipad, ipod, android phones, laptops, personal computers, etc.

                Technology has been a great help in communications and business. Through the internet we can communicate to people anywhere everywhere same as in the field of business where we can do business in a worldwide market. Truly it has been so helpful to us, the reason why I love discovering more about technology and how it affected my life, your life and everyone around the world.