Linggo, Mayo 13, 2012

Why am I passionate about technology?

                It is generally recognized, that the fast evolving of technology greatly influenced the lives of people. For that, I opened my doors in knowing and adapting these trends in information technology. My curiosity leads me in choosing a career in discovering and at the same time enjoying technologies.
Passion is something that someone is interested at something or someone. For me, I have this passion in techworld. I like discovering how human minds created these helpful and revolutionary technologies that truly give satisfaction and entertainment to people. As an information technology graduate, I’ve known how this discoveries and inventions created by experts like programmers, web developers, application developers. Those were the people behind the famous gadgets we have like cellular phones, ipad, ipod, android phones, laptops, personal computers, etc.

                Technology has been a great help in communications and business. Through the internet we can communicate to people anywhere everywhere same as in the field of business where we can do business in a worldwide market. Truly it has been so helpful to us, the reason why I love discovering more about technology and how it affected my life, your life and everyone around the world.

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